Be Part of A Great Community!

Okay, what is special about the "community" here?

What can I do here that I can't do on the "mainstream" sites?

You can tailor the community here so that it's very much the way YOU want it to be. This in turn allows you to be as open as you like about just about anything.

Find Like-minded people. Talk. Listen. Get to know them.

"Mutually acceptable" is the byword. The system helps this become a habit.

Controlled Access by others

Create your own custom groups as needed for online discussions, real-time live conversations, or any combination. Add others to the mix as you wish, or remove those who don't really fit.

Tags make it easy to find by category

You know you want to. Now you can! Free to join.

Start a Conversation -- and keep it going

So many really important issues get started online -- and at some point they just fade away as something else comes along to capture everyone's attention.

Not so here. You can keep an issue alive indefinitely by bringing in new information, new people, guest speakers, whatever you want. The system will keep the issues and the related exchanges alive and readily available for as long as they are important to you.

Companion site: how real-world issues can -- sometimes -- benefit from reason and goodwill.