Conflicts that Matter

Conflict is stupid-but let's face it: quite a bit of conflict is just out of our control entirely, like wars. And there are all kinds of other conflicts that really don't matter too much, so even though they may be annoying we really don't worry about them too much.

But there are those conflicts that do matter and that are, at least to some extent, under our control. These are the conflicts that this site is going to focus on, in order to provide real benefit for those willing to explore some alternate alternative ways of dealing with each other.

The first conflicts this site will address involve areas of life that affect just about everybody:, and in fact are two of our basic necessities of life: shelter and money.

Roommates. Roommate problems are probably one of the more pervasive clichés in our daily life.

Landlords and tenants. A really important, not easily altered type of exchange with significant consequences for both sides. With so much at stake, even a modest increase in the quality of the relationship-with a corresponding reduction in conflict-is likely to result in huge benefits for both parties.

Salary negotiations. This is one of those situations in which things would be really simple if everybody involved simply decided to do the best they could for the other party-but of course this is usually not the case. Both parties want the best possible from the other party but are generally not as concerned with their own side of the transaction. Again, the benefits from changing this to as positive as possible and interaction are significant for both sides.

If you would like to begin reducing conflict in some key areas of your life, here are some things you can do

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