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Conflict is stupid-but let's face it: quite a bit of conflict is just out of our control entirely, like wars. And there are all kinds of other conflicts that really don't matter too much, so even though they may be annoying we really don't worry about them too much.

But there are those conflicts that do matter and that are, at least to some extent, under our control. These are the conflicts that this site is going to focus on, in order to provide real benefit for those willing to explore some alternate alternative ways of dealing with each other.

I’m amused, in a kind of dystopian sort of way, when I read some of the various “advice” columns that seem to be everywhere in this Internet age. One question that pops up repeatedly is some version of “How can I get [other person] to [something the writer wants them to either do or stop doing]?”

These are, as far as I can tell, asked in complete sincerity, apparently with the expectation of a workable reply.

My first clue that conflict could be downright silly came to me in a real, old-fashioned soda fountain -- part of my boyhood in 1950s Jacksonville, Florida.